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Vote Now for Your Favourite Short Film in the 7th Malta Youth Film Festival

The 7th Malta Youth Film Festival invites you to participate in the People’s Choice Award by voting for your favourite short film.

The Festival features 13 short films, each bringing a unique story and perspective to the screen.

To cast your vote, scroll down to the voting section on this page, where you can watch all the competing films. After viewing, choose the film that you believe deserves the People’s Choice Award and cast your vote.

Make sure to cast your vote before the deadline on Monday, June 17th, 2024, at 8PM.

Short Films:

  1. Jason, Jason, Jason, John by Lorna Grima

  2. Distracted Rhythms Flower Dance by Matthew Ellis

  3. Mixed Media Animation by Emma Bonnici

  4. Heartbreak by Daniel Joseph Mallia

  5. In Their Shoes by Nathaniel Galea

  6. Out of Nowhere by Nathan Briffa

  7. Changing The World by Dailee Fenech

  8. The Writer by Micol Canova

  9. The Ambush by Fabrizio Fenech

  10. Il-Fatat by Junior College Film Club

  11. Unidentified Flying Object by Mattias Cilia

  12. Pearls & Pomegranates by Maria Rizzo

  13. Stain by Zion Wheelan Gauci Cassar

Remember, your vote can make a difference. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate and promote the vibrant talent of our youth.

Cast your vote now and help decide the winner of this year’s People’s Choice Award!


Jason, Jason, Jason, John - Lorna Grima

Distracted Rhythms Flower Dance - Matthew Ellis

Mixed Media Animation - Emma Bonnici

Heartbreak - Daniel Joseph Mallia

In Their Shoes - Nathaniel Galea

Out of Nowhere - Nathan Briffa

Changing The World - Dailee Fenech

The Writer - Micol Canova

The Ambush - Fabrizio Fenech

Il-Fatat - Junior College Film Club

Unidentified Flying Object - Mattias Cilia

Pearls & Pomegranates - Maria Rizzo

Stain - Zion Wheelan Gauci Cassar





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Graziella Muscat
Graziella Muscat
04 jun.

I like stain ,well done Nadesh


04 jun.

I like the Ambush .

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