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Ivan Malekin & Sarah Jayne - authors of ​Friends, Foes & Fireworks​ that was filmed in 24 hours on the New Year’s Eve. 


After being burned out working the traditional way, the filmmakers decided to start doing things differently. Friends, Foes & Fireworks​ became a success and the couple took the improvisational techniques and tricks and developed them further, using what they learned to produce another improvised feature called​ In Corpore​ in four countries around the world, including Malta. 


“Improvisation gives us the chance to work more closely with actors, it offers genuine creative collaboration, it makes us feel alive on set, constantly keeping us on our toes while allowing us to quickly and efficiently create films that feel authentic. 


Now instead of spending months or even years perfecting scripts we work from story outlines and trust our actors to ‘be’ the character and let dialogue flow naturally. We produce films from concept to production in a matter of months. We cut down setups, excess crew, and work efficiently while still challenging ourselves creatively. Our speed saves us money. And the “surprise factor” of improvisation keeps each day – each take – fresh and exciting.”


During their lecture, Sarah and Ivan, will teach the improv methods they learned over the years of practising. 


The lecture is suitable for aspiring filmmakers, writers and actors, or more experienced artists looking for a new approach to film.


The lecture will be followed by Q&A. 



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