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Founded in 2012 Stargate brings to Malta a high-quality visual effect and production services to the film and television industry. 


The Malta-based studio has supplied high-end visual effects to successful projects like Treadstone, Umbre, Devils, Medici, American Gods, You, Me and the Apocalypse and many more. The production department at Stargate Malta handles all aspects of prep, production and post-production for its diverse local and international client portfolio. 


Whilst enjoying constant support from its sister studios around the globe, the thriving studio at the heart of the Mediterranean has geared itself to bring an effective and successful North American workflow to European markets.


Stargate is one of the 5 global players implementing the Visual Production solutions. 


Virtual Production is the latest trend in high-end visual effects for motion picture and television. It replaces the requirement of green and blue screens on set with high fidelity monitors that allow for realtime compositing for in-camera visual effects.


See this example entirely shot in studio:


Meeting organized in collaboration with Stargate and held in their studio in Mosta. 


The lecture is suitable for producers and everyone interested in visual effects in film and tv.

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