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Voting for the People Choice Award of the 6th Malta Youth Film Festival is active!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Thank you for all the films submitted this year.

​Voice your opinion by voting for your favorite film from the competition.

These are the 19 films taking part in this year's competition:

Lost Kid Wanderer - Chelsea Muscat

​82 - Miguel Formosa

Baba's Crisis - Andrew Deguara

Lightbulb Moment - Julienne Restall

Sebaħ - Eric Montebello

Nerves - Lorna Grima

What lies in Grief - Mattias Cilia

The Excuse - Luke Andre Camilleri

The Critic - Bruce Micallef Eynaud

The Night Shift - Abdel Hafid Massa

S-L-B - John Debattista

ż-f-n - Ames Giles

In His Image - Matteo Pullicino

N-X-F - Nicole Sciberras

Q-R-D - Nicholas John Briffa

What is Love? - Jonathan Geitz

An Animated love story - Emma Bonnici

Ħoss - Gabriel Cassar Tabone

Voting will be available until 23rd May, noon.

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