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Erasmus +. What next?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Year 2021 started with further challenges brought by the pandemic.

We were back to travel restrictions, many countries implemented lockdown now slowly re-opening their activities and borders. As everyone, we all hope for a better future.

Erasmus + projects are either on hold or took new forms engaging modern technologies. We are happy to announce that together with organisations and local schools from Wales, Cyprus, Spain and Malta, the Malta Film Foundation is a part of a Strategic Partnership project called “Unpacking Feelings”.

The project targets an aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic on the young people and their expression of wellbeing and emotional feelings. The project aims bilingual kids that live in areas where language spoken at home differs from the one used in formal education. This situation very often creates difficulties for kids in fully expressing themselves in school environment when communicating with teachers or counseling services.

To help pupils express and unpack feelings the project will use creative arts as medium to develop strategies with the aim to reduce the linguistic barrier.

Beside the Strategic Partnership the Foundation has two more projects coming within Erasmus + Youth Exchange:

There are dates to be announced for the 2nd edition of “Visual Story Lab” that will take place in Sokołowsko, Poland and “FILL Film Industry Leaders Lab” that is planned for November 2021 in Warsaw, Poland. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook account for further announcements.

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