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The generational tradition, the respect for the sea, the fear and the challenge of man's adventure, the survival to eat and trade. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. The ports of small towns, just like the one in Fano, are different. They have changed, over the years. Deeply changed. Yet, their richness hasn't changed. They are rich in mankind, so varied and bursting, noisy and tireless. Multiethnic: north African people, Ceylonese people, Indians, Egyptians. It's wrong to claim that something, once change occurs, should be considered "dead".


Traditions won't perish as long as we hear those raucous voices, that peculiar expression, the accent of those "oldies" we've grown up with and who are still working with the same courageous old-time determination. And in spite of everything.

Director by Andrea Lodovichetti

Country: Italy


Film screening is in English subtitles

Certification: U


Screening: 15/09/2019 18:00

Venue: Valletta Campus


Free Admission


Booking required.


Before the screening: Q&A with the Film Director 

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