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'Sunday' wins Best Picture at the Malta Youth Film Festival


Director Bruce Micallef Eynaud won the Best Picture Award, Best Script and Audience Awareness Awards at the first edition of the Malta Youth Film Festival for his film Sunday.


Other films that were awarded were Andrea Tiatto's Glass, Magic Mouse by Luke Zammit, Lyanne Mifsud and Nicky Aquilina's Relazzjoni and Man on the Moon by VBU in Sweden.


There were 17 entries for this year's edition and more than 900 valid votes for the Public Choice Award. The event was under the auspices of the Parliamentary Secretary Dr Clifton Grima, responsible for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations. Distinguished guests also included Dr Francis Fabri, Permanent Secretary for Education and Employment, Dr Beverly Cutajar, Chairperson of the Malta Film Commission, Matthew Pullicino, Director Stargate Studios Malta and The Bigger Picture and Ms Miriam Teuma, Chief Executive Officer at Agenzija Zghazagh.


The event was organised by the Malta Film Foundation and Agenzija Zghazagh and was supported by Arts Council Malta through the Cultural Partnership Agreement, the Malta Film Commission and the office of the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations.


01 - Glass

02 - Hacked

The People's Choice Award recognises the community's favorite short film. Voting was open from May 11 - 21. The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony. 

Public Choice Award Results

Glass 282; Plotless Island 207; Tifkiriet 73; Stride 72; Cry Havoc 67; In the Interim 49; The Fortune Teller 44; Interrogation 43; The Dairy Incident 28;

Magic Mouse 22; The Man on the Moon 6; Relazzjoni 3; Sunday 2; and Hacked 1

03 - Life Crisis

04 - Magic Mouse

05 - Solar Power

07 - In the Interim

06 - Interrogation

08 - Tifkiriet ta' Tfuliti

09 - The Dairy Incident

11 - Cry Havoc

13 - Plotless Island

15 - The Fortune Teller

10 - A Distant Noise in Time

12 - Stride

14 - Relazzjoni

16 - Sunday

17 - The Man on the Moon

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