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The Maltese Fighter

In a time when Malta's political violence was at its peak, Carmelo, a struggling single father and boxer from Valletta, is forced to join a corrupt underworld as he tries to provide for his only son Giuseppi.

Director: Arev Manoukian

Country: Malta


1943, A plane full of allied soldiers from the United Kingdom comes to invade Axis-controlled Sicily, Italy. One of them is given a custom engraved .303 calibre cartridge by his friend, which is supposed to bring him luck.

Director: David Serge

Country: Malta

Life Cycle

The film portrays a life through a married couple.

Director: Stephen Rota

Country: Malta

Friend or Foe

Malta, 1941. A soldier is escorting a German child to safety. When seeking shelter from a night-time air-raid, he is confronted with a stranger in the darkness...

Director: Shirley Spiteri Mintoff

Country: Malta


A middle-aged deaf man lives constantly in a dilemma, relying on other people to make his daily decisions. When he is faced with a decision he needs to make by himself, his actions affect both his life and those of others.


Director: Keith Albert Tedesco

Country: Malta

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The Medic

A German war veteran recalls an episode during the final days of the German empire, when he encountered a British Medic.

Director: Ray Mizzi

Country: Malta


Sheila is a maid working in Johannesburg when the relationship with her controlling boss is put to the test.

Director: Vicki Kisner

Country: Malta

Black Cat

Director: Dery Sultana

Country: Malta


Director: James Moffett

Country: Malta

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