The Pinnacle of Excellence

Director: Roy Davidson

Country: Malta


1943, A plane full of allied soldiers from the United Kingdom comes to invade Axis-controlled Sicily, Italy. One of them is given a custom engraved .303 calibre cartridge by his friend, which is supposed to bring him luck.

Director: David Serge

Country: Malta

Life Cycle

The film portrays a life through a married couple.

Director: Stephen Rota

Country: Malta

Friend or Foe

Malta, 1941. A soldier is escorting a German child to safety. When seeking shelter from a night-time air-raid, he is confronted with a stranger in the darkness...

Director: Shirley Spiteri Mintoff

Country: Malta


Director: Raymond Mizzi

Country: Malta

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Fashion film

Director: James Vernon

Country: Malta

This is Not for Sale

The Devil calls it a day and decides to sell some of his items. 

Director: Stephen Rota

Country: Malta

In the End

Paul's a lonely man. Locked up in his desolate life he struggles to face reality. 

Director: Ramon Mizzi

Country: Malta

I am a Green Box

The boredom of common characteristics, within a symmetrical group, madly desires uniqueness, forcefully neglecting and prejudicing own capabilities.

Directors: Roderick and Melchior Vella Cesare

Country: Malta


'Ziemel' follows one weekend in the life of a teenage boy from Birzebbuga. After a troubled night out, Ziemel is forced to spend time with his emotionally distant father, an expedition that leads the two over rubble walls and towards reconnection.


Director:  Samira D’Amato

Country: Malta

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