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Dasha the Fool

Dasha is happily married and fool enough not to see the ugly truth around her.

Director: Valentina Lukashchuk

Country: Russia

Thunderbolt and the Mermaid

It is said that dreams are unreachable, for they are far away, hiding beyond the stars. But in order to make them come true you do not have to know where they hide; you just have to be bold enough to chase them in the deepest sea, and dare to be faster than the mermaids...

Director: Diego Sanchidrián

Country: Spain

Joy Meal

Gorgeous Anna entices Jack, whom she does not know, into a remarkable game in a hamburger joint. 

Director: Mathijs Geijskes

Country: Netherlands

In the Name of Art

Follows two artists' creation of the ultimate work of art for an art competition. Told as an oscillation between two worlds, we discover that what it takes to win an art award, often involves deception.

Directors: Mardo El-Noor

Country: United States of America

Daisy Cutter

Zaira is a little Iraqi girl who collects daisies every day in a park in Baghdad for a friend who misses.

Director: Enrique García

Country: Spain

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Cecilia's Plans

The day before her 30th birthday Cecilia finds her childhood diary with all her old dreams for the thirties… but she realizes that she hasn’t got any of them. But keep calm, she still has twenty-four hours to make them all come true and turn her life in a perfect one.

Director: Belén Gómez Sanz

Country: Spain

Dolls Factory

Anna works in a doll factory. Her whole life she revolves around performing mechanical motions to put the dolls eyes. But a small change at her work changed her life forever.

Director: Ainhoa Menéndez

Country: Spain

The Parents

Flavia and Marcello play with dolls that bear an uncanny resemblance of their parents. The boy buries a doll in the cemetery. The parents are forced to reveal their secret.

Director: Fernando Tiberini

Country: Switzerland 

The Little Team

Fourteen little kids go over an unsolved football mystery, and they end up teaching an unexpected life lesson to grown-ups.

Directors: Dani Resines and Roger Gómez

Country: Spain

Studio Beyrouth

A story set in Beirut 1963. The city is preparing for the next election, and Toufik, a young photographer who just inherited his grandfather's shop, finds his "Studio Beirut" threatened when the mayor of the neighborhood installs the city's first photo booth next door.

Director: Mokhtar Beyrouth

Country: Lebanon

Dear Child Jesus

Jesus, a six-year-old child, wakes up in the middle of the night with an urgent need to pee. But his fear of the dark stops him to cross the corridor that leads to the bathroom. Influenced by his mother's advice, he asks God for help, in the hope that some kind of miracle might happen.

Director: Jesús Pérez-Miranda

Country: Spain

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