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Tribute to Joseph Calleia

The Malta Film Foundation will be organising the event Tribute to Joseph Calleia – Malta’s own Hollywood legend to commemorate the life of an actor and opera singer who took part in more than fifty films with roles varying from a mobster to a priest opposite actors such as Orson Welles, Charlton Heston, Mario Lanza,  Dean Martin and Anthony Quinn to name a few. Calleia was also hailed as ‘a bright star’ on Broadway between 1926 and 1945 and ventured briefly into television. Calleia always hailed Malta as his home even singing in Maltese in the film ‘Tough Guy’.


The event will start with a panel discussion by Joseph Borda, Eman Bonnici and Tony Mangion and moderated by Joyce Grech. The discussion will then be followed by excerpts from 11 films in which Calleia had a starring role, such as Tough Guy, For whom the bell tolls, Gilda, My little Chickadee, Touch of Evil to name a few. The public will be encouraged to participate and share their views and any memorabilia related to his films or personal accounts of meeting the star.


Entrance is free of charge. 

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